Company and commercial Law

Starting and running a business is a very complex affair and involves a lot of laws pertaining to the state, country and even across countries as well. Laws are complicated with respect to every aspect of business right from buying and selling of goods & services to day to day minor transactions as well. In encompasses many aspects like

  • Negotiation, buying and selling of shares of a company
  • Drafting agreements for loan, franchise, intellectual property, software and hardware agreements.
  • Commercial contracts, terms and conditions of business, agency and distribution agreements.
  • Advice and facilitation of management buy-out,
  • Loan documentation and equity and debt finance arrangement
  • Help and advice on legal, administrative issues
  • E-commerce related like – terms of use, privacy policies, etc.

One has to be careful in choosing a lawyer or barrister or law firm as this field involves a lot of complexity and one should choose people with practical experience, good knowledge and good client service with great customer feedback record. As a corporate you are naturally prone to be sued or have legal complications in every aspect. So it is best to have a legal advisor as a permanent post in the organisation and then one can seek further legal help depending on complexity. Get in touch with the best company and commercial lawyers listed with us from the USA, UK, Europe and Wold wide.

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