What is Consumer and civil rights?

Generally accepted are Right to safety, Right to be informed, Right to choose, Right to be heard and personal liberty.

As citizens, we have our consumer and civil rights. Malpractices, discrimination, fraud, violations etc are on the rise with each passing day. As countries have opened up and granted more and more rights to their citizens, its paves the way for raising your voice for anything that is wrong or violated Consumer and civil rights of a person or the society at large. Countries believe that their people must have freedom, equality and rights and any violation should be punished. Consumer rights and consumer protection law gives us a mechanism under the judiciary system through which a person can fight back against offenders.

Since the list of Consumer and civil rights is so large and encompasses so many complex remedies, we will look at a few examples to give you a broad idea of what the consumer and civil right are. Some of the Consumer and civil rights violation can be abusive business practices (like calling customers late at night or very early morning, threatening calls for loan defaulters, Predatory lending, false advertising, etc) or discrimination /harassment (based on sex, race, disability, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, source of income, medical condition, etc).

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