Criminal law

What is Criminal law?

Criminal law refers to those laws that are concerned with individuals who commit crimes or criminal acts. Instance can be, when a person does not adhere to the laws laid down or breaks the laws that concerns with criminal statute. Criminal prosecution involves making a decision if a person is guilty or not and if he needs to be punished or not. The verdict of the punishment can vary a lot depending on the severity of the circumstances. Criminal laws are different from civil laws as the guilty person has to forfeit his rights and may get imprisonment.

Basically, criminal laws are of two types, the misdemeanours and the felonies. Misdemeanour is a small offence that include petty theft and traffic fines etc. They involve imprisonment up to a year or so. On the other hand a felony is a big offence or a big crime with severe consequences Felony examples can be murder, manslaughter, dealing drugs, rape, robbery, and arson. Depending on the severity, the imprisonment is decided but generally involve for more than a year.

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It is not always necessary that you have committed a crime to be accused for it. But law takes these types of offences very sternly and since a back spot on your name can ruin your life. Don’t hesitate even for a moment, scan through this directory to get a gauge of the best criminal lawyers, solicitor, barrister or any other legal service in USA, UK, Europe and Wold wide.

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