Immigration Law

Immigration means entering a country to live there and / or work there. If you are looking to visit a country or want to live permanently in another country then you must be aware of the immigration laws of that country. The government of that country establishes the rules for who is a citizen, who can become a citizen, who can or cannot visit and for how long. Immigration is granted based on a number of factors like factors such as family reunion, skilled workforce, capital investment, asylum seekers. Any foreign national that enter a country without permission or stays there longer than permitted loses their legal status. The immigration law then governs the detention and removal proceedings.

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Immigration lawyers do various activities like helping with citizenship of a country, defend people from deportation etc. An expert lawyer can be of great help, especially with respect to some countries where getting a citizenship is very hard and the wait is for several years. The Immigration lawyer will know the rules of the country very well, they would have gauged the mood of the country, tricks /techniques for getting immigration, handling the difficulties or technicalities involved and also the documentation part. Even students seeking to go abroad for studies can also approach the immigration lawyers for advice.

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