Legal insurance

What is Legal Insurance?

Insurance is basically a contract wherein a person pays another person a premium amount and the other person promises to reimburse the first person if there is any loss or damage. The loss or damage can be to literally anything from immovable property to movable property to humans themselves. There are two types of insurance, the government and the private. The common types of private insurance are health, automobile liability, homeowner’s e insurance, etc and the common types of public insurance are Social Security, health, worker’s compensation, unemployment etc.

Legal insurance is where the insurance covers the policyholders or the insured against the costs of legal action on the insured. The legal insurance is also called as the Legal expenses insurance (LEI) or legal protection insurance (LPI)

The Legal insurance gives a protection against the legal fees charged by a lawyer whoc is representing the insured or the policyholder. The legal insurance is covered generally when the legal matter was due to unforeseen circumstances. These can include employment disputes, litigation, disciplinary actions, human rights complaints and criminal charges. It is a fact that legal insurance can also provide cover for known events such as the drafting of a will or power of attorney etc.

Most sought after legal insurance Lawyers?

With mounting legal expenses and booming scenarios of incurring a legal expense, this is insurance has become a must and in demand too. People from the USA, UK, Europe and Wold wide are scrambling and hunting for good Legal Insurance lawyers. But with this law firm index, you can sit back relax and scroll through the various lawyers, solicitor, barrister or legal advisors that are listed on our site.


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